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  • Jurnal Teknik Elektro

    Jurnal Teknik Elektro (ISSN : 2089-2950  e-ISSN : 2715-565X)

  • Jurnal Manajemen

    Journal of Management (ISSN:2089-6832) E-ISSN 2686-2530 published by the Faculty of Economics, University of Palembang since 2012

    Praise our thanks to the presence of almighty god for his journal of management faculty of economics studies management program at the University of Palembang can be published.

    Scientific journals are publications document of research results and dedication which is basically a vehicle for disseminating the results of multidimensional research and multidisciplinary test results ever undertaken by research in universities, especially in the faculties of economics management studies at the University of Palembang. Thus publication makes it a means to recommend a finding on the results of a study and assessment to the audience that needs it. The finding can then be used as a reference and gude to the scientific issues to be studied.

    One of the media that can be used to disseminate the results, journal management faculty of economics, university of Palembang trying to accommodate the results of research / devolition through the journal management of the faculty of economics, university of Palembang. The management journal on, published four times a year in January, April, July and October articles of scientific publication on the results of research condected by researchers.

    Finally the editor said thank to all parties especially the author who sent them writing to the editorial board, that is sorry we submit if there is in print in the writer there is wrong and one day the editor will invite stakeholders in order to build this journal better .amen,

  • Prospek Agroteknologi

    Prospek Agroteknologi (ISSN: 2303-0291) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published by Faculty of Agriculture of Palembang University. Prospek Agroteknologi publishes biannually in July and December. This journal publishes current concept and research papers on agriculture.

  • Solusi

    Solusi (Print ISSN: 0216-9835; Online ISSN: 2597-680X) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Faculty of Law, Palembang University. Solusi published three times a year in January, May, and September. This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

    The aims of this journal is to provide a venue for academicians, researchers, and practitioners for publishing the original research articles or review articles. The scope of the articles published in this journal deals with a broad range of topics in the fields of Criminal Law, Civil Law, International Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Islamic Law, Economic Law, Medical Law, Adat Law, Environmental Law and another section related contemporary issues in law.


  • Jurnal Teknik Sipil

    Jurnal Teknik Sipil UNPAL (ISSN.2089-2942 e-ISSN.2686-6676) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published Universitas Palembang. Jurnal Teknik Sipil UNPAL published